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v2.01 (September 24, 2021)

It has been close to 4 months since the latest noticeable release, we’ve released quite a few minor improvements and bug releases over the last couple of months but have not really provided new functionality.

Today is the day to break this silence, with the release of several improvements, bug fixes and a new bot type; DCA bots!


  • DCA bots are now available.
  • Profit currency is now available, take profits in either the base or quote currency.
  • New entry strategy called “Instant” which let’s your bot enter instantly instead of by checking the 24h high/low.


  • Base profits are now shown in the dashboard and bot overview.
  • Greatly improved the engine performance by optimising code.
  • Each bot has an EID in its settings now, this is the ID of the connected exchange.
  • Shield have been removed, this was pretty much a useless feature.

Bug Fixes

  • Trailing zero’s are removed from prices across the website.
  • go_accept checkbox now has a label.
Updated on October 4, 2021

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