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Exchange exceptions

It could happen that the configured exchange report problems to our trade engine. If this happens you will be informed by it.

Exchange Exception

Here is a quick overview of those problems and possible solutions.


Problem: Raised when the API credentials are not correct.
Solution: You should add a new exchange with correct API credentials.


Problem: Raised when you don’t have enough currency on your account balance to place an order.
Solution: You can either deposit extra funds, lower your trade value or ignore the error completely because you configured this on purpose.


Problem: Raised when there is no or insufficient permissions on the specified API keys.
Solution: Fix the permissions of your API key by following our exchange documentation.


Problem: Raised when the exchange is unreachable due to maintenance or real problems.
Solution: We are not able to resolve this issue, we wait for the exchange to become reachable again.

Updated on October 11, 2021

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